These are some of my favorite tattoo aftercare products found on Amazon. BUT before we get into those.. see how you can save money when ordering almost ANYTHING on the internet!
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This tattoo-aimed lotion by Lubriderm is one of my top picks. It is very affordable, and has great ingredients such as vitamin B5, glycerin and essential nutrients naturally found in healthy skin.
This lotion is fragrance-free which is what you want to look for when shopping for tattoo specific lotions and creams!
It is a water-based lotion and is recommended for normal to dry skin types. Use my link above to order from Amazon now!
This product boasts a 4.5 out of 5 stars review by 50 different Amazon customers. That might not be a lot, but don’t be fooled.. Lubriderm is a very well known and high quality brand!

Hustle Butter Deluxe is different, as it can be used BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the tattoo. Hustle butter claims to sort of “prep” the skin for tattooing by keeping it moist and supple. They also boast the unique property of NOT removing the tattoo stencil! I have personally seen professional artists using this in their shop on their clients.. and if that doesn’t speak for itself, I’m not sure what does!
This tattoo cream is also vegan, and has some great ingredients such as shea, mango, aloe butter, sunflower and rice bran oils along with the traces of papaya and coconut.
This is a great moisturizer, but because it is a cream you have to watch how much you apply, as talked about earlier! Don’t create a thick barrier.. just a nice thin layer on the skin.
This product has a 4.6 out of 5 star review by over 2,300 Amazon customers. Use my link above to order from Amazon now!

Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm is another good option for skin miniaturization! What Viking Revolution does differently, though, is they claim that their balm will brighten OLD tattoos as well! This is a vegan product that (Like the product above) claims it’s meant for before AND after the tattoo application. Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm has a non-greasy formula, and includes safe, gentle and natural ingredients.
It received a 4.6 out of 5 by over 250 amazon customers. To order yours now, click my amazon link above!

Anyone who’s anybody has heard of Aquaphor being recommended for use on new tattoos, and for good reason! This is formulated specifically for healing skin! It is fragrance free and provides excellent hydration. This cream includes petrolatum, panthenol and glycerin to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin to enhance healing.
Although this is a very thick ointment, it is wonderful to use on very fresh tattoos for at least 2-3 days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED , and almost a REQUIREMENT for anyone with a fresh tattoo. 
Aquaphor has earned a respectable 4.6 out of 5 star rating by Amazon customers. Grab some today with the amazon link above!

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